I’m Tiffany!

To be completely transparent, if you knew me growing up, I was an absolute slob.  In college, I was embarrassingly messy to the point where you couldn’t even see my floor.  It wasn’t until I learned about an organization system called 5S at my industrial engineering job that I started to turn a new leaf.  I had always enjoyed what my place was like when it was clean.  However, I still lived with a lot of clutter and the cleanliness was only temporary.

Then I moved in with my husband.  He had been disciplined with cleanliness since growing up in a military family and was in the military himself, so you can imagine where that left me.  I had to change my “organized chaos” into militarized organization, which honestly was for the better.

Since I worked in a manufacturing facility and was teaching these organization concepts in the workplace, I might as well have applied it to my home.  I had worked as an engineer in the defense industry for about 6 years then found my role as a Lean Consultant, where I finally discovered what I truly enjoy and am pretty good at.  That’s creating functional processes and systems for organization.

My mission is to help people achieve their goals with a clear headspace, starting with their home.  I believe that tidying is a healing process that will help you discover what you want to keep, and as a result, it can help you make decisions in other aspects of your life.  And as a recovering slob, I can truly admit that it is more pleasant to have an clean and organized home, than it is to have a messy one.

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